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About the Crisis in South Sudan

Months of conflict in the young country of South Sudan has placed 7 million South Sudanese in need of humanitarian assistance—half of them children. These children and their families were already struggling with basic needs following decades of civil war.

The fighting has forced more than 1.5 million people to flee their homes in search of safety, including nearly half a million who have fled to neighboring countries and are struggling to survive in refugee camps.

Among the children who are displaced, many are living out in the open without protection from heat or severe rains. Sickness and malnutrition are beginning to claim the lives of many of these children.

The conflict has torn apart South Sudan's agriculture-based economy. With farmers unable to plant crops, food is growing exceedingly scarce. The U.N. warns of a situation that could turn "more grave than anything the continent has seen since the mid-1980s." Four million people may be pushed close to starvation by year's end.

UNICEF is the leading Good Lie Fund partner heading a response in South Sudan to address the health needs of children at risk from cholera outbreaks, and to scale up malnutrition treatment to protect an estimated 50,000 children who may otherwise lose their lives.


Learn About UNICEF's Work in South Sudan

Nearly 4 million South Sudanese children are facing conflict, disease and hunger. Learn how UNICEF is responding.